We continue working on the game to add the features you asked for


Currently, we are working on adding more features to the game based on your feedback and also on some functionality we promised the game will have. Here are the details.

Battle Replay

You will be able to playback the battle as it unfolded, specially useful to review when someone attacked your town. This will help you to spot the weak areas of your defenses to take the appropriate actions.

More units to attack and defend

We already have two units that most likely will make it to the release. These are, a "Medic" for humans, providing healing to nearby units and a "Venomous Zombie" for Zombies, dealing melee damage to its target and poison damage over time to nearby enemy units.

Unlocking the 4 remaining missions on the map

These missions will provide dynamic difficulty and how far you go will be reflected in the Leaderboards.

Multi-device support

This feature will allow you to use your same account in multiple devices

Account reactivation

This is usually needed when you switch to a new device that is not linked to your account, either because the functionality was not in the game yet or you forgot to link it.